RV Transport

Many who are in retirement age opt to buy a recreational vehicle and at some pRV Transportoint need RV transport. This need arises in various situations, such as winterizing the RV in southern, warmer climates. Others simply move or sell their RV and need RV trailer transport.

Whatever your reasons for needing RV transport services, All American Trucking & Transport can take care of your recreational vehicle transport quite easily. The company has been in business for over a decade, providing top notch RV transport for our clients all over the world.

If you are ready to look into trailer transport for your 5th wheel, RV or other type of recreational trailer, then consider the following guide.

RV Transport – Tips For a Safe Trip

  • Ensure that all valuables inside are locked away and stowed properly. Do not leave out important documents or electronics in plain view to tempt a thief or break in.
  • Keep all cabinets locked if possible, with the dishes packed in moving boxes and padded. If need be, tape the cabinets shut using painter’s tape or ties (most RV’s have these mechanisms in place).
  • Remove all the gray water and fresh water from the lines for transport, as well as most of the gas (per Department of Transportation regulations).
  • Keep your personal belongings with you if possible, and ship them separately if need be.
  • Ensure that all items in the interior are properly secured, with all windows sealed and shut prior to RV transport commencement.
  • Be sure to keep all necessary documents with you: insurance, warranty, etc.
  • Make sure all pets are evacuated, all propane tanks are disconnected and gas valves shut (DOT regulations restrict the transport of propane or other combustibles).
  • Remove all garbage, fresh food (fruits, vegetables, etc.) and anything that can rot (to prevent an awful surprise when you re-unite with the RV).
  • Check all tires to ensure they are in driving condition.

RV Transport with No Worries

As stated, All American has been in this business over a decade now. Our team is composed of dedicated drivers who know how to effectively carry out your delivery without a hitch, so to speak. Regardless of the type of RV trailer hitch, our company is fully competent, insured and bonded to do your RV transport.

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