Enclosed Car Transport

Many serious car aficionados request enclosed car transport, but with All American Trucking & Transport, our auto transport services do include enclosed vehicle shipping upon request.

What is “enclosed car transport”?

As the name implies, with the use of enclosed car carriers, the vehicles will be shipped from their current location to their destination. The use of reliable carriers is paramount and is always a part of our service to you at All American Trucking & Transport, Inc.

What are the benefits of an enclosed car transport, if all drivers are safe and professional?

Mainly, owners of exotic or otherwise valuable cars will use this service and pay the nominal fees associated with the enclosed vehicle shipping. This is not a free upgrade, of course, but it will ensure that your cars enjoy another layer of protection in shipment.

Using this service will protect your vehicles from the elements as well as stray rocks potentially chipping the windshield or the paint, which may or may not happen under normal conditions.

Who needs enclosed car transport?

Those most interested in enclosed vehicle shipping, as mentioned, tend to have either a high sentimental or actual value on their cars. Owners of various exotic vehicles may want to protect their vehicles from dust and debris from typical long-haul travel.

If you have an antique, rare, or otherwise exotic vehicle that you want to offer an added measure of protection – or if you have just paid for an expensive detailing service to prepare your vehicles to be showroom-quality, then you should consider using our enclosed car transport.

Anyone who decides to use an enclosed transportation service is free to do so for a small fee. Do take note that we take all of the auto transport services that we provide as seriously as you would, enclosed trailer notwithstanding.

Enclosed Car TransportMake no mistake: using All American Trucking & Transport ensures your vehicles will arrive in a timely, reliable and safe manner. All of our drivers are insured, and your vehicles, regardless of their Kelly Blue Book value, will be treated with the utmost care during shipment.

Do you need an air-ride suspension during shipment? That is not a problem in most cases. Your precious cargo can ride on air, so to speak, and travel in class. The latest equipment and safe handling procedures will be used for your enclosed car transport.

You will receive first class treatment from AAT&T, whether or not you decide to use our enclosed car transport.

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